Wargame Site Links (BattleVault's Favorites)

Excellent Personal Gamer and Blog Sites:

Joe Krone's Blog - Excellent personal gamer's blog with many similar gaming interest to this site's.

The Bard's Abode - A nice collection of Flames or War tactics, scenarios, tournament and terrain articles

The Miniatures Page - The premier site to discuss anything and everything about miniature gaming

Wombatgaming - New blog that chronologs a gaming club in Minnesota that is conducting a Firestorm Market Garden Campaign.

The Dial Dude's Blog - Rob Prince's wargaming blog.

Warhammer 40K Campaigning - Chris Nye's Narrative 40K Campaign

Fort Knox KY & Louisville, KY gaming groups:

Falls of the Ohio Gamers - Louisville Area historcial gaming group.

Louisville Warhammer Gamers Association - Louisville Area Fantasy/Sci-Fi gaming group.

The Bluegrass Gamers Forum - Lexington, KY area gaming news and notes with most gaming occuring at Albright's

Fort Knox & Louisville, KY gaming stores:

Pet Shop Comics , Great game store in Louisville, KY with huge gaming areas with excellent terrain. The most gamer friendly owners/staff you will find.

Hard Knox Games - Radcliff, KY, a new game store near Fort Knox

Other Wargaming Resources:

The Dial Dude - Great markers for wargames like Lasalle & Black Powder

Paper Terrain - Maker of affordable and excellent terrain and a sponsor of many our events