Miniature Wargame Campaigns

Campaigns are a great way to enhance your miniature wargaming experiences among you and your gaming group. The give each battle you play meaning in a greater overall context. The battles you play in campaign make game play far more realistic as player-commanders are not as likely to through away their forces for a short term “win” and now are faced with the problem of winning while conserving enough combat power to continue to carry the fight to the next battle and ultimate victory. Campaign games also make lopsided battles worth fighting. In real warfare defeat may be inevitable for a force, but defeat in a battle wrapped into a campaign allows a player to still help achieve campaign success buy holding an opponent off just long enough, destroying a key enemy unit or leader, or just wearing down the enemy enough so he cannot capitalize on his assured victory.

The BattleVault has two Campaign Sections:

Future, Current, and Past Campaigns: Here you will finned campaigns played by the BattleVault gaming community in the past, current underway campaigns, and future planned campaigns as well.

Campaign Resources: Here you will find recourses and ideas that will help you set up your own miniature games.