Flames of War Mid-war Club Tournament 2-16 August 2014

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Flames of War Mid-war Club Tournament 2-16 August 2014

Postby Ed-Hall » Fri Jun 27, 2014 12:30 pm

Mid-War Eastern Front Tournament (Louisville/Radcliffe/Fort Knox/Elizabethtown and Vicinity)
Hard Knox Games
Elizabethtown, KY
2 August 2014

The tournament will be run by Ed Hall and coordinated through him via email. His email address is halley640601@yahoo.com This is a multi-day, 1485 point, 3-round tournament (Meeting Engagement, Fair Fight, TBD for the third round). All Eastern Front Mid-war books and PDFs accepted. Must have Easy Army generated data sheets present for each round. No Mid-war Monsters. There is an 8-player minimum limit for this tournament (4-Allied, 4-Axis). Fee is $10. The first round will be conducted at the Hard Knox Game Store some time during store operation hours Saturday, 2 August or Sunday, 3 August. You and your opponent will coordinate a fight time. I will assign the opponents for each round. The other two games in the tournament will be fought over the next two weeks. The location of the games will need to be coordinated by the players. It does not matter where the game takes place; your home, Pet Shoppe Comics, Hard Knox Games; it doesn’t matter. It only has to be done during the fight time for that round. Round-2 will be complete between 3-9 August, and Round-3 between 10-16 August. Send results to E Hall via Email. Winners will be announced 17 August. Prizes will be for everyone (at least $5 credit). Top prizes will go to the top Axis and Soviet players.

If this goes well, we can look at doing a Late-war tournament with the club sometime in October.

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Re: Flames of War Mid-war Club Tournament 2-16 August 2014

Postby Duckhunter » Wed Aug 27, 2014 6:36 am

This was fun! Thanks Ed!!

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