SAGA Dark Age Skirmish Combat Wargaming

Dark Age Skirmishing arrives in the BattleVault Gaming Area with SAGA rules from Gripping Beast. There rules have a very novel approach to unit activation and fatigue accumulation and effects.

The Battlelines are drawn! Charles’ and Andy’s Normans battle Anglo-Danes led by Mike for control of a watch post.

The BattleThere are four main factions in the introductory set that include the Vikings (of course!), Anglo-Danes, and Welsh. Each faction uses its own unique battle board and special dice that allow players to create powerful moves and battle combinations that are reflective of the fighting style for each faction.

The Norman Warlord leads his Warriors up to the watch-post, but is the Anglo-Dane Warlord and his Great Axe armed Hearthguards retain the high ground.

The game is very quick and very easy to play and does a great job of projecting the epic and heroic aspects of combat in Dark Age Britain. The rules are a bit pricey at $40, but they will no doubt lead to many excellent games that will make them all worthwhile.

Having been thwarted in a direct assault, the Normans send one of their Knight formations in a flanking move into the Anglo-Danes rear.

So far in the BattleVault wargamers raising warbands for this game include:

Don – Welsh
Charles C. – Norman\
Rob - Normans
Jon – Vikings
Tom – Anglo-Danes

After defeating the Norman flanking move, the Anglo-Dane and Norman Warlord face off for a 2nd time and final time with the Anglo-Danes eventually bringing down the Norman’s leader.

Our first games have had to include a lot of “proxy figures” but many of us are taking advantage of the great low price Saxon and Vikings plastic miniatures offered by Wargames Factory.