War of the Rings

I had a chance to play "War of the Rings", GW's latest game yesterday. I had always enjoyed the minatiures and gaming of the existing "Lord of the Rings" so this was a great opportunity to break out some minature collections that had not seen the light of day for many years and try them in a new game system.

My first game was with Roger, excellent painter. He played a mixed force of Uruk-hai, Orcs, and Trolls. I payed a mostly Rohan force led by Erkenbrand with Eowyn hiding in the ranks.

Here are the pictures of the game:

The battlefiled with my Riders of Rohan on the right and Roger's Insengard mob on the left.

Some of my Orc serving under Roger's command.

Troll painted by Frank Williams

Roger's Warg Riders

Roger's Uruk Crossbows led by Lurtz

Uruk scouts

Rohan Command formation

Oathsworn Militia mans the barraciades while the riders sally forth

The Rohan right flank

Rohan left advances

Isengard center

Lines just before clashing on the right

Rohan Riders caught in a bad spot with Uruk Beserkers rushing from the woods onto thier flank

The Rohan command formation slams into the Crossbows..but only after some heavy losses due to shooting

Eowyn emerges from hiding in the ranks and gets the best of Lurtz in a duel..Lutz and his command are vanquished but the Rohan command formation is also lost due to Uruk scouts hitting them on the flank

Rohan countinues to do well on the right

Rohan extreme left...about to fold under HEAVY pressure

The Oathsworn militia tries to provide some breathing room for the hard pressed horsemen in the center

Last of the Rohan horse holds out on the far right, but with the center and left crushed this game is clearly a win for the minions of Sauraman