Axis & Allies Minis to Flames of War Conversions - Part 1
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The chronicles here within detail Brother Tom's effort in the building, conversion and painting of an all Axis & Allies Miniatures force into an 1750 point, "Late War", Panzer Grenadier Company for the Flames of War World Warr II miniatures war game. This entire force was made with miniatures already owned and used for Axis & Allies miniatures with the additional E-bay purchase of about $45 for an additional Tiger and 4 Stug-IIIs.

Once the force was shipped and assembled, Brother Tom began this experimental project in earnest on Friday September 12, 2008.

This is the force to date that Brother Tom is working non-stop on in the hopes of converting his billigerent Brother Brian, an Axis & Allies Miniatures player, to the Flames of War community. Still waiting on a few more units in the mail before priming.

Tiger Conversion with Tank commander and scratch built hatch. The figure was the Gloiath controler.

New CO and 2IC teams. Note the Kettenrand with driver conversion. This will have to serve as the 2IC's Motorcycle/Side Car.

This "Diorama" was made to serve as an Objective marker. Note Goliath control cut down to be the jeep driver.

This will be the other Objective marker. It's a Soviet ZIS truck ammo boxes. The Germans used a lot of captured Soviet gear so this will be painted with German colors and markings. I will load the bead of the truck with Goliaths and will have a Goliath on the ground getting ready to be loaded. No troops in the "Diorama" and my intent is that in looks like an ammo cache.

A new Field Artillery Observe team. I did not like the figure, but at least you clearly know what he is and what he's doing.

The full artillery battery.