"Young Bloods" Warhammer 40K Tournament at the Game Vault


Now that the Game Vault has held a few Warhammer 40,000 tournaments in which older and more experience players usually win the day, it's time to give future Generals, Commanders, Exarchs, Hive Tyrants or War Bosses an opportunity to prove their gamesmanhip, creativity and sportsmanship to the Game Vault community.

So ... sally forth to battle yea Young Bloods! We look forward to seeing the forces you can muster on the tabletop battlefield.

Who: Local gamers age 18 and under familiar with the Warhammer 40,000 game by Games Workshop. To sign-up, put your name on the "Young Bloods" Tournament Battle Roster posted at the Game Vault.

What: 3 game tournament, four 4x4 tables, 1000 point armies, 2 hour games. No entry fee required. Sign-up list is limited to first 8 players. An alternate player list will be available in the event a scheduled player has to drop from the tournament. Award categories to include Best Over-all, Best Tactician, Best Sportsman, and Best Army. See Awards & Results for more details.

When: Saturday, April 14th, 2007 from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Why: To meet new gamers, play against cool armies, foster a better Warhammer gaming community, and to play and show-off your own army.

Where: Game Vault, Fredericksburg, Virginia

"Young Bloods" Tournament Battle Roster
Player 1: Logan Young  Space Marine
Player 2: Wevo Burgess  Eldar
Player 3: Ian Campbell  TAU
Player 4: Ben Burgess  13th Company Wulfen
Player 5: Savoy Chappell  TAU
Player 6: Roy O'Dell  Dark Eldar
Player 7: Jonathan Whitby  Da Boyz
Player 8: Chris's Son (?)  (???)
Alternate 1: Jake Nedza  Space Marine
Alternate 2: Slayer  (???)
 Tournament Staff
Coordinator: Brian Burgess
Rules Judge Tim Fischer
Appearance Judge Cathy Feduke
Data Entry Will
Ringer Player Brandon or Chris???

Tournament Schedule
10:00 AM Players Check-in
10:30 AM Game #1
12:30 PM Lunch Break (Army Judging)
1:00 PM Game #2
3:00 PM Snack Break
3:30 PM Game #3
5:30 PM Tournament Administration
6:00 PM Awards Presentation

Please contact Brian Burgess at brian@battlevault.com or
540-429-1163 as soon as you sign up.