Wolfkrieg 2013 - Flames of War Tournament 1780pt Late-War "A Bridge Too Far"



On Januray 19th and 20th 2013, Hard Knox Games and BF USA will host a Late War 1780pt point Flames for War tournament. The event will be held at the "Saber and Quill" (Former Officer's Club) on Ft. Knox, Kentucky.

The tournament organizer is Tom Burgess. This is as 50 player event (25 Allied and 25 Axis).

1) Theme - This will be a two day 5 round event and will focus on the Operation Market Garden

2) Schedule - There will be 3 Rounds on Saturday (19JAN11) and 2 Rounds on Sunday (20JAN11).

0900-0945 Doors open, Check in, and final Table Set-up
0945-1000 In-Brief
1000-1300 Round 1
1300-1330 Lunch Break (Meal on Site)
1330-1600 Round 2
1600-1630 Break
1630-UTC Round 3


0900 Doors open
1000-1230 Round 4
1230-1330 Lunch Break
1330-1600 Round 5
1600-1630 Out-Brief and Awards Presentation

3) Cost - The entry cost for this event is $50. All entry fees go to venue cost, meal on Saturday, and awards. Payment of entry fees is due by 19DEC12. Only half of the entry fee will me rrundable if you cancel. If we have to cancel Wolfkrieg (due to weather etc) all of it will be refunded. You can pay by credit card or phone to Hard Knox Games:

Hard Knox Games
647 Knox Boulevard Radcliff, KY 40160
(270) 352-5669

4) Missions - To be determined. We will try do something special in the first round that you normally would not get in a tournament.

5) Terrain - We need help here fielding 25 quality Dutch Countryside and Urban boards will be a challange and I'd greatly apprecate your help. There will be a best table award!.

6) Match-Ups - Will use RankingsHQ to set first round matches.

7) List and History Submission - To be determined but expect these to be due in no later than Januray 12th, 2013.

9) Scoring:

Players will be ranked ordered for awards based primarily off of earned VPs.

If VPs are tied then the following tie breaker (in order) will be used for determing standings"

1) Number of wins

2) Force Type (as explained below)

3) Sportsmanship

4) Army Painting

5) History Score

There will also be seperate awards for sportsmanship, painting, history, and best terrain board.

9) Allowed Forces:

"Hell's Highway", "A Bridge Too Far" Books

Grenadier Guards PDF

11th Armoured Division PDF

Glider Rifle Company PDF

New Market Garden Compilations (due 12JAN13). This may extend to Canadian/British Ground Forces/Commando operating in the Scheldt Esturay.

Valid forces made from other books - If you feel you can construct a list valid for the Operation Market Garden using another official LW list, contact the Tournament Organizer for clearance to use it. It will require a "History" justification document that explains why this list "fits" in with the theme of this event.

Some possible examples of this would include:
a) 107th Panzer Brigade force using the “LW East Front Panzer Brigade PDF” omitting items that would not be present in Market Garden like the naval fire support.
b) Easy Company from “Nuts” with the Band of Brothers heroes but leaving out the non-Para/Glider support options.
c) British 7th Armoured Division List from “Turning Tide.”

Player Info Packet