Wolfkrieg 2011 - Flames of War Tournament 1750pt Late-War Louisville, KY - January 15th & 16th 2011


On Januray 15th and 16th 2011, Pet Shop Comics (PSC) and BF USA will host a 1750pt point Flames for War tournament. The tournament organizer is Tom Burgess. This is as 50 player event (25 Allied and 25 Axis).

1) Theme - This will be a two day 5 round event and will focus on the operations in the Budapset area in late 1944 in specific forces from Battlefront's "Stalin's Europe" book.

2) Schedule - There will be 3 Rounds on Saturday (15JAN11) and 2 Rounds on Sunday (16JAN11).

0900-0945 Breakfast,Check in, and final Table Set-up
0945-1000 In-Brief
1000-1300 Round 1
1300-1330 Lunch Break (Meals on Site)
1330-1600 Round 2
1600-1630 Break
1630-UTC Round 3

0900-0930 Breakfast
0930-1200 Round 4
1200-1230 Lunch Break (Meals on Site)
1230-1500 Round 5
1500-1530 Out-Brief and Awards Presentation

3) Cost - The entry cost for this event is $25. Of that $10 will go into awards and the other $15 will go into the food that is available on both days including Bacon & Biscuit breakfast on both days and the grilling that Rick, PSC owner, does on both days including his world famous Pork Loin sandwiches. Nobody goes hungry at these events. Canned drinks are available separately ($0.60) and you can bring your own as well in a cooler. Coffee is free.

4) Missions - To be determined. We will try do something special in the first round that you normally would not get in a tournament.

5) Terrain - We need help here. PSC has built up a great selection of terrain in the last year, but much of it is West Front focused. I'd rather not be using Bocage boards for East Front Battles. Accordingly we will ask players to help field appropriate East Front type boards. Basic Woods, Marsh/Swamp, villages, and rough roads would be the predominate terrain types. I expect that we will also have at least three or four city boards. I also expect to have at least two Snow boards. We will include a terrain award as normal and I'd like to get a rough idea on how many East Front boards players can set up a table (or more) for Wolfkrieg-11.

6) Match-Ups - Considering bidding for 1st round opponets with funds raised going to the Sportsmanship Award

7) List and History Submission - To be determined but expect these to be due in no later than Januray 5th, 2011.

9) Scoring:

Players will be ranked ordered for awards based primarily off of earned VPs.

If VPs are tied the Force Type (as explained below) will be the 1st tie-breaker.

Sportsmanship will be the 2nd tie-breaker.

Army Painting will be the 3rd tie-breaker.

There will also be seperate awards for sportsmanship, painting, history, and best terrain board.

9) Allowed Forces:

All forces must be approved BF forces from published books or on-line pdfs.

The focus is East Front late 44/early 45 and in particular the Budapest area of operations. Players are encouraged to use forces from the "Stalin's Europe" book. The type of force used will be the first tie-breaker determinant.


2 pts - Force from the "Stalin's Europe" - Any German, Soviet, Hungarian, or Romanian list from this book.

2 pts - Force modeled after an actual Allied or Axis force that fought in Transylvania and/or Hungary in 44/45 WITH a supporting one to two page history write up. This force must still be based on an official BF list and the history must tie the force in with an actual unit involved with operations in this Transylvania and/or Hungary in 44/45. See History Write Up notes (TBP) for more details.

1 pt - Force from a official LW source that could be validly used on the East Front - Any other LW East Front force from another official BF source such as Finns, ISU Regiments, etc. Note some West Front forces could be "adapted" to the East Front use. Some examples of this might be Herman Goring lists from "Dog's & Devils" being used for a 2nd Fallschirmpanzer Division list in Poland, or the Villers Bocage SS Tiger list being used for another East Front SS Tiger Force. Be sure to check with the Tournament organizer if you want to "adapt" a West Front list for use at this event, approval is required.

0 pts - Other LW force - In the event that we do not have an Axis/Allied player balance by Dec 15th 2010 with appropriate East Front Forces, the other LW forces, including US/British etc will be allowed. However these will have 0 pts in the first tie-breaker category.