Wolfkrieg 09 - Flames of War Tournament 1750pt Late-War Louisville, KY January 17th & 18th , 2009



On January 17th and 18th, 2009 Pet Shop Comics (PSC) and BF USA will host a 1750 point Flames for War tournament.

This will be a two day 5 round event and will focus on an East Front "Bagration" Theme.

We can accomidate 50 players in our events.

Thank you for your interest and enthusiasm for Wolfkrieg-09.

1) Format - This is a 1750pts East Front Themed Tournament. Forces used must be representative of those that fought on the East Front from January 1944 to August 1944 anywhere from the Baltic to the Black Sea. Though I am especially interested in the Operation Bagration portion of this period, I feel that East Front is limiting enough and some Russian Players have "Winter Armies" and a Russian Naval Infantry player and we will have at least one "Finn" player (using FJ list).

2) Schedule - There will be 3 Rounds on Saturday (17JAN08) and 2 Rounds on Sunday (18JAN08).

0900-0945 Breakfast,Check in, and final Table Set-up
0945-1000 In-Brief
1000-1300 Round 1
1300-1330 Lunch Break (Meals on Site)
1330-1600 Round 2
1600-1630 Break
1630-1900 Round 3

0900-0930 Breakfast
0930-1200 Round 4
1200-1230 Lunch Break (Meals on Site)
1230-1500 Round 5
1500-1530 Out-Brief and Awards Presentation

3) Cost - The entry cost for this event is $20. Of that $10 will go into awards and the other $10 will go into the food that is available on both days including Bacon& Biscuit breakfast on both days and the grilling that Rick, PSC owner, does on both days including his world famous Pork Loin sandwiches. Nobody goes hungry at these events. Canned drinks are available separately ($0.60) and you can bring your own as well in a cooler. Coffee is free.

4) Missions - We will try do something special in the fist round that you normally would not get in a tournament. When we did our Overlord event in June 2008 we included "Beach Assault" and "Seize and Hold" in the first round. We also allowed players to use an alternate version of their lists for the special first round games.

Here's what the plan is for Wolfkrieg-09:

a) I'd like to match up Sturmkompanie and Udarny/Shtraf players who are willing to field the exact forces from one of the three Scenarios in the Stalin's Onslaught book against each other on boards modeled of those in the book. These players would be free to use a different force composition from their list choice in rounds 2-5 but must stick with Sturmkompanie or Udarny/Shtraf as appropriate. We will likely only have one table for each of these first round Stalin's Onslaught scenarios so I expect only six players will get this option. Those who are interested in playing an exact scenario from Stalin's Onslaught.. "First Come, First Served" let me know to hold you a slot on one of those tables if you want one.

b) For other tables in the first round we will include Trench Fight. As above, players fighting in Trench Fight can use a different version of their list in round 1 than they will use in rounds 2-5, but it must be the same base list. German Infantry Forces not already assigned to the above Stalin's Onslaught Scenarios will be defending on these boards with Soviet players attacking. Soviet Infantry forces will have priority for being matched as attackers on these Trench Fight board. Soviet Tank or Mech forces could also end up being attackers on these boards.

c) For German Mechanized and Tank Forces, neither of the above options makes much sense for these to be defending in, these will be matched up as defenders against Soviet Tank or Mechanized forces in Hold the Line. Players in this 3rd category will be using just one version of the same list throughout the tournament.

d) Rounds 2-5. Encounter, Breakthrough, Cauldron, Free for All

5) Terrain - We need help here. PSC has built up a great selection of terrain in the last year, but much of it is West Front focused. I'd rather not be using Bocage boards for East Front Battles. Accordingly we will ask players to help field appropriate East Front type boards. Basic Woods, Marsh/Swamp, villages, and rough roads would be the predominate terrain types. I expect that we will also have at least three or four city boards which will be just fine as "Festerplatz." I also expect to have at least two Snow boards. We will include terrain awards as normal, but rather than just one, I am considering doing three as this is an area that we really need some help getting right with. I'd like to get a rough ides now on how many East Front boards players can set up for Wolfkrieg-09.

6) Match-Ups - Some players like to be matched up against guys that they only get to game with occasionally through the year. I like to accommodate those request as many travel great distances to be here with us and I want the experience to be rewarding as possible. My criteria for requested match-ups is that both players have to make the request to be matched against each other and I will only do this for the first round, after that I also announce the first round match-ups a week or so out so let me know no later than when the final lists/histories are due.

7) Friday, 16JAN08 - I have coordinated for a tour of the Patton Museum of Armor and Cavalry that will guided by the US Army's Armor Branch Historian, Dr. Cameron. This will occur on the Friday before the Wolfkrieg-09. This presentation is the same block of instruction that is part of the Armor Officer's Basic Course. I'd like to get an idea of how many people want to participate in such an event.

8) List and History Submission - I will accept no list or history submission until 17DEC08. If a list is not submitted by that date. The deadline for getting in your list and history is Midnight on 02JAN08. Send both documents at the same time. Do not send Army Builder .rst files but you can print from Army Builder to a .txt file and send that. I will accept lists and history only via e-mail. I will accept your list only once, there are too many lists to validate and histories to score for me to go back and check and recheck your lists as you tweak it after every playtest. So take to Jan 2nd if you need but only send your list and history once when they are FINAL.

9) Scoring - Players will be ranked ordered for awards based off of VPs. Sportsmanship, Army Painting, Unit Histories will have separate awards and will otherwise only be used as tie-breakers in the event of ties in VPs.