Thunderbolt 2012

Flames of War Tournament 1650pt Late-War - Patton Museum, Ft. Knox, KY


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On June 9th, 2012, Hard Knox Games (HKG), BF USA, and What Would Patton Do (WWPD.Net) will host a Late War 1650t point Flames for War themed tournament focused on the Lorraine Campaign of 1944.

The tournament organizer is Tom Burgess. This is as 24 player event (12 Allied and 12 Axis).

1) Theme - This will be one day 3 round event and will focus on the "Blood, Guts, & Glory" Flames of War forces.

2) Schedule -


0800-0845 Check in and final Table Set-up
0845-9000 In-Brief
9000-1130 Round 1
1130-1230 Lunch Break
1230-1500 Round 2
1515-1745 Round 3

3) Cost - The entry cost for this event is $25.

4) Missions - To be determined.

5) Terrain - We need help here fielding 12 quality Lorraine themed boards will be a challenge and I'd greatly appreciate your help. There will be a best table award!

6) Match-Ups – We will be using RankingsHQ and known player ability to set first round matches. This will allow first round match ups to be based off

7) List and History Submission - To be determined but expect these to be due in no later than June 2nd 2012.

9) Scoring:

Players will be ranked ordered for awards based primarily off of earned VPs.

If VPs are tied then the following tie breaker (in order) will be used for determine standings"

a) Number of wins

b) Sportsmanship

c) Army Painting

d) History Score

There will also be separate awards for sportsmanship, painting, history, and best terrain board.

9) Allowed Forces:

Any force from "Blood, Guts, & Glory"


Other official fully V3 approved list that can justifiably included as part of the Lorraine Campaign outside of “Blood, Guts, & Glory” may also be used. These other lists must include a history that explains your force and accounts for unit selection. Close attention will be paid to the support choices and these will need to be identified by specific historical unit that they were drawn from.

A good example is Mike Pike’s 17th SS Division list. The 17th SS did participate in the Lorraine Campaign and he is using the 17thn SS V3 approved Normandy pdf. However he is only taking combat, weapons, and support choices that were organic to the 17th SS Division during the Lorraine Campaign. So he’s not taking Fallschrimjager support or other choices that would not have been available to the 17th SS in the Lorraine Campaign.

Mike’s History/Justification can be viewed here: Mike Pike's History/List

If you are interested in what other forces, outside of “Blood, Guts, & Glory” took part in the Lorraine Campaign this is great place to start your research: “The Lorraine Compaign”

Bottom line, use "Blood, Guts, & Glory" or get into some good old WW2 research to show why your force should be included!