PSC Gamefest 2010 - Flames of War Tournament 1500pt Earky-War Louisville, KY - October 24th, 2010


On October 24th 2010, Pet Shop Comics (PSC) and BF USA will host a 1500 point Flames for War tournament. The tournament organizer is Charles Chirsty.

This will be a one day 3 round event and will focus the invasion of France in May/June 1940. Polish Forces are allowed as well.

This is as 24 player event (12 Allied and 12 Axis).

Forces: Lists may be used from the new "Blitzkrieg" Book

Missions: TBA

Timetable for OCT 24th:
0930 In-brief
1000-1215 First Game
1215-1230 Lunch
1230-1445 Second Game
1500-1715 Final Game
1715- 1745 Awards

Entry Fee: $15 which includes an on stite lunch.

Overview: "Spring Time for Hitler and Germany"

Gamefest 2010 will be the grand finale for the EW league, played in three sessions of 2 hours each, with the first two games being random pairings and then high scores paired for the final round.

Awards will be based on best painted EW army, most daring EW list played with, highest overall axis player, and highest overall allied player. One final prize will be given to the player who perseveres through all adversity and completes all their games in spite of minimal points scoring.

Table themes for Gamefest 2010 will be Ardennes, with the main intent to recreate the fights along the Meuse /Ardennes corridor in the fall of France although Early War Poilish forces from "Blitzkrieg" may also be used.

Early war represents a very different appearance from later war. Armies still had flags and banners around, and often displayed more in the way of markings and insignia on their vehicles. Painting specific units or documented patterns of camouflage will be considerations for the best painted unit, chosen by common vote of the players on games day.

Most daring army will be anyone who plays a British armoured regiment or similar formation with all or mostly vehicle formations or ones with more artillery than infantry, for example. These lists represent the period more than one designed for maximized tournament play over historical interest. Players will vote on which list is considered the most daring list, with the highest score winning the category.

Optional Histories and sportsmanship will be tie breakers. All players are expected to participate in a rational and sporting fashion. Players may choose to provide input on the best game of the day, with that player gaining a bonus in the event of a tie. Histories can be submitted if it pertains to an actual unit that was a participant in the during the blitz into France.