Polish Spring Campaign


Flames of War Tournament 1575pt Late-War

Pet Shop Comics Louisville Kentucky


On May 12th, 2012, Pet Shop Comics and BF USA, will host a Late War 1575 point Flames for War themed tournament focused on the East Front 44-45/

The tournament organizer is Mike Pfanenstiel (mikepfanenstiel@bellsouth.net) This is as 24 player event (12 Allied and 12 Axis).

PSC will be hosting a 1575 point LW FOW tournament. There will be 3 rounds (2 Hours each) using version 3 rules. Army list will be from Red Bear or Grey Wolf or the force lists that came with the rules. The entry fee is $10 and food is $5.

We will have 24 slots open, so let us know ahead of time to ensure your spot. For sign ups, please send your name and BF #’ May 12th Registration is at 11AM; games start at noon. Let me know if you can supply a table. Round missions will be Hasty Attack, Counterattack and Free- for-All in keeping with the exploitation phase theme. Tie Breakers will be based on army type, amour & Mech will have 2 tie breaker points, Infantry 1 and Fortified 0. Prizes will be for best general, sport and best painted for each of the axis and allies. Army lists are due by May 4th.

Current Player Roster

Axis Players: 12
Tom Burgess ??? Table
Jon Holland #545 Table
James Maffei #201
Tony Thompson #311 Table
Chad Fauber ??? Table
Jeff Collions Table

Allied Players: 12
Mike Pike #109 Table
Charlie Clay #74
Alexander Fauber ???
Rob Prince
Ed Hall
Time White

Scott Jeske ??? and Mike Hart ??? Undecuided