Patton's Sicilian Challange - Flames of War Tournament 1750pt Mid-War Louisville, KY - August 24th, 2010


On August 24th, 2010, Pet Shop Comics (PSC) and BF USA will host a 1750pt point Flames for War tournament. The tournament organizer is Mike Pfanenstiel.

This will be a one day 3 round event and will focus on Operation Husky..The 1943 Campaign for Sicily.

This is as 24 player event (12 Allied and 12 Axis). All armies must come from Africa book or PDF's from FOW website that are from Sicily. No Mid War Monsters.

The games will be played on Sicilian themed tables, mountaineering skill will be of use on a few tables, let me know if you want to supply a Sicilian themed table.

There will be three games. Missions will be announced when Mike get's back from Europe (Early August). Game times will last 2:30 hours.

There is $10 tournament fee for the tourney itself, and a $5 food fee.

Tentative schedule: All times EST.
Saturday -

9:00AM check in, finish table set up

9:30AM Display armies for painting vote.

10:00AM 1st round start

12:30PM Lunch

1:30PM 2nd round start

4:30PM 3rd round start

All entrants are asked to turn in their army list by Aug 15, last two turned in from each side will fight on boards that mountaineering skill could be useful. No Histories. Tie Breakers: use a list that could have fought in Sicily, sportsmanship score, then painting.

Sicily Complaint Lists (Revised 6/26/2010)
Germans---German Forces in Italy
Equipment Only HG has Panzer III L/M’s; Only Panzer IV G’s and H’s are allowed elsewhere; No Panzer II’s; no Flammpanzers; no Schurzen; no halftracks
Divisional support---no Afrika Schwere Panzer Platoons with Panzer III’s, no Marder I’s
Schwere Panzerkompanie---OK AS 504 SpZ-Abt
Panzerkompanie---OK as noted above
No Gepanzerte PanzerGrenadiers or Gepanzerte Aufklarungs---no halftracks
Panzergrenadier ---OK as noted above
Panzerpionier---OK as noted above
Panzerspah---OK as noted above

Avanti Savoia---Italians
Equipment--- No Italian tanks other than R-35's and Semoventes-95's.
Compagnia Carri---NO
Bersaglieri--- found reference to a couple of battalions and a regiment (attached to 28th/Aosta Regiment)
Squadrone Esplorante---NO
Battaglione Fucilieri---Use Sicily option
Nembo as Folgore with the modifications listed below
1) Replace the Semo47's weapon slot with R.35's
2) Replace the Lancia 90's choice of the Heavy AA slot with German Heer ATG's (Pak38's or 40's)
3) In the slot that allows Marder III's, replace with Panzer III/IV or StuGIII's. (Only one type can get chosen in this slot, of course!)

British---Eight Army in Italy
Equipment---Only "medium" tank for either the British will be the Sherman w/75mm.
All Italy lists are OK

US---Stars and Stripes
Equipment--- No M3 Lees
All Italy lists are OK