28JUN08 LOTR Tournament at the Gamerz in Fredericksburg, VA

Tournamnet Flyer

Who: Up to eight Lord of the Rings enthusiast with or without gaming experience.

What: Prepare your 300 point Lord of the Rings army for a three battle-game tournament!

When: Saturday, June 28th between 11:00 am and 5:30 pm.

Why: To prove yourself worthy as a Battle Captain among the Lords of Middle Earth!

Where: Here at Gamerz where four 4x4 game tables will be set up with various Middle Earth terrain.

Cost: FREE! (That’s right … we want you to come and play so you’ll see how cool this game is.)

New Players Welcome!

Aside from learning the game at our weekly Lord of the Rings gaming night on Thursdays at 7:00PM, Gamerz will be hosting a New Gamers Lord of the Ring day on Saturday, June 21st at 1:00 pm. New gamers will have the opportunity to learn the rules and try out different forces.

Don’t Have An Army? The following 300 point forces are available for use during the tournament on a “first come, first serve” basis by signing up on
this announcement below. The following armies are available:
- King Thurgold and his Thanes of Ered Luin (Dwarves)
- Erik Ragnar and his Brotherhood of the Wolf (Dunlanders)
- Grizmots Raiders of Mount Gundabad (Goblins)
- Aethelthane’s Warband of the Mark (Men of Rohan)
- The Watchers of Minus Morgul (Witch King and Mordor Orcs)

Awards to the Victors …
Lord of the Rings (Best Overall) $40 - $50 Lord of the Rings product
Best General $20 - $25 Lord of the Rings product
Best Sportsmanship $20 - $25 Lord of the Rings product
Best Army $20 - $25 Lord of the Rings product

Coordinator: Brian Burgess bburgess66@cox.net