Kampaign Kentuckiana - Spring 2010

Lousiville Area Flames of War Leauge.



Purpose: To promote stronger camaraderie among Flames of War Players in the Kentuckiana area, improve local player understanding of Flames of War, and to have fun playing a great wargame. The goal of this league is not necessarily to just score the most victory points; it is just as important that players diversify to the maximum extent who they game with and where they game at.

Concept of Operations: The league will continue for a period four months with cycles occurring every two weeks. There will be a deliberate slow pace that will allow for a small escalation of points each cycle. This will allow players to start to learn/relearn the game from “ground up.” Additionally the pace of escalation will allow players to build and paint new forces if desired. The league will have online support on: www.Battlevalut.com

Scheme of Maneuver: Players will submit one game result for each two week cycle. They may play as many games as they wish during this period but only the highest game score will be used for the cycle score. The cycle dates and incremental point levels are as follows:

Dates Points Notes
01-14MAR 600 Only one combat platoon required, recommend 4 x 4 board
15-28MAR 600 Only one combat platoon required, recommend 4 x 4 board
29MAR-11APR 800 4 x 6 board
12APR-25APR 1000 4 x 6 board
26APR-09MAY 1250 4 x 6 board
10-23MAY 1500 4 x 6 board
24MAY-06JUN 1750 4 x 6 board

Divisions: There will be two divisions in this league, Mid-War and Late-War. Players may participate in either division or both as they wish. Mid-War games will only count towards the Mid-War Division and Later war Games will only count for the Late-War Division.

Scoring: Games scores will be submitted by either to the league organizer after each game played. These will be w standard scores: 7-0, 6-1, 5-2, 4-3, 3-2, 2-1, 1-1, 1-2, 2-3, 2-5, 3-4, 1-6, or 0-7.

Additionally, players will be awarded bonus victory points as follows:
+1 vp playing against a player in the division you have not previously played
+1 vp played the game in a game store (Pet Shop Comic, Louisville Game Store, or Hard Knox Games)
+1 vp played a player from a different club than your own.

Signing up for the League: To sign up for this league submit your name, club you are affiliated with, e-mail address, phone number, and division(s) you wish to play into the League organizer, Tom Burgess: ctburgessiii@yahoo.com
Submitting Game Results: After each game the following will be submitted by one of the players to the club organizer.

Name Game VPs New Opponent (+1) In store game (+1) Different club opponent (+1) Total VPs

Player 1

Player 2

Store Name

Division (MW/LW)

Players may play and submit scores for as many games as they can/want in a cycle, but only the single highest score achieved in a single game will be used for the player’s score in that cycle.

Signing up for games: Players may play as many or as few games as they wish. A roster of all League Players will be provided to all participants so that may schedule games with other players, especially those they normally don’t get to game with.

The results of each cycle will be posted on www.Battlevault.com and will also be e-mailed for posting at the three games stores in the league area.

Awards: The intent here is to get in games with as many people as players can in as many different locations/clubs. The players standings will be noted on the BattleVault however by the following categories:

Overall Champion (Combined Mid and Late War Divisions)
Top Mid-War Player
Top Late-War Player
Top Pet Shop Comics Player
Top Louisville Game Store Player
Top Hard Knox Games Player

Hard Knox Games and Pet Shop Comics have a $5 entry fee for their clubs which each store is matching to provide for awards.