Battleforge Normandy 2013

Flames of War Tournament 1625pt Late-War - "Normandy"

The Battleforgem, Lexington, Kentucky


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On August, 24th, 2013, The Battleforge (TBF), will host a Late War 1625 point Flames for War themed tournament focused on the Normandy Campaign of 1944.

The tournament organizer is Tom Burgess. This is as 24 player event (12 Allied and 12 Axis).

1) Theme - This will be one day 3 round event and will focus on the "Alantik Wall" and "Overloard" Flames of War forces and appropiate Normandy specific official PDF lists.

2) Schedule -


0930-1000 Check in and final Table Set-up
1000-1015 In-Brief, Table Assignments
1015-1230 Round 1
1230-1330 Lunch Break
1330-1515 Round 2
1530-1745 Round 3

3) Cost - The entry cost for this event is $20. All entry fees returned to particpatnts as awards.

4) Missions - To be determined.

5) Terrain - The Battleforge can easily accomidate 12 tables with terrain, however if players wish to bring a table contact the TO. Will have a best player table award.

6) Match-Ups – We will be using RankingsHQ and known player ability to set first round matches. This will allow first round match ups to be based off

7) Lists and History Submission: NLT August 22nd, 2013.

9) Scoring:

Players will be ranked ordered for awards based primarily off of earned VPs.

If VPs are tied then the following tie breaker (in order) will be used for determine standings"

a) Number of wins

b) Sportsmanship

c) Army Painting

d) History Score

There will also be separate awards for sportsmanship, painting, history, and best terrain board.

9) Allowed Forces:

Any force from "Alantik Wall" or "Overlord"


Other official fully V3 approved list that can justifiably included as part of the Normandt Campaign such as: Citizen Soldiers