Airborne 2010 - Flames of War Tournament 1500pt Late-War Louisville, KY - April 10th, 2010


On April 10th 2010, Pet Shop Comics (PSC) and BF USA will host a 1500 point Flames for War tournament. The tournament organizer is Mike Pfanestiel.

This will be a one day 3 round event and will focus on Airborne operations during Operation Market Garden.

This is as 24 player event (12 Allied and 12 Axis).

Lists may be used from:

2. D-1
3. Hells Highway
4. Fort Europe
5. PDF's must be approved by the tournament organizer.


Round 1
Droppable US and Brit Para - Attackers in Sieze and Hold.

XXX Corps (All other allied) - Attackers in No Retreat.

Round 2
XXX Corps and US Para - Attackers in Road Block
Brit Para - Defend in Breakthrough

Round 3
Cauldron - use normal rules for attacker/defender.

Timetable for Apr 10th:
0930 In-brief
1000-1200 First Game
1200-1230 Lunch
1230-1430 Second Game
1500-1700 Final Game
1715- UTC Awards


Best Allied General

Best Axis General

Best Allied Sportsman

Best Axis Sportsman

Best Allied Army

Best Axis Army

Tie Breakers

1st You get 1 point if army from HH or ABTF, if still tied

2nd Turned in at least 1 page and no more than 3 page history, if still tied

3rd Sportsman scores, if still tied

4th army scores