Firestorm Market Garden - Campaign Rules

I. Overview:

The campaign will generally be executed using the “General’s War” version of Firestorm Market Garden. There will be a few modifications to facilitate running the campaign as a web based effort and to add in more historical realism. We will use the five turn campaign that began on September 17th, 1944 in Holland.

Gamers who wish to participate in this event may do so in two ways. They may elect to be part of the “Strategic” discussions that will occur on the HQ/Staff forum for each side, they may elect to play the table top battles that are developed during the course of the campaign or they may do both of these. A player’s involvement in the campaign may be as little as playing in a single battle from one of the turns or they may play multiples battles every turn and be heavily involved in the strategic discussions.

Battles will generally be fought at the 1500 level and modified by supply status and the presence of Firestorm Troops. We will endeavor to maintain a high level of historical realism and thus will use only forces from the "Market Garden" and "Bridge by Bridge" books for Flames of War.

Each side will need to designate a “C-in-C.” This designated person will be the main liaison to the campaign organizer. Each side can keep with the same C-in-C throughout the campaign or the may choose a new one each round. The C-in-C will have to make the final decisions of Attacks and other Strategic Moves but they should be heavily involved with other players on a side’s HQ/Staff forum to take advice of the experience and insights of all those who wish to help formulate the campaign strategy from turn to turn.

II. Turn Sequence.

We will keep to a three week cycle to complete each campaign turn in accordance with the following:

Week 1
Tuesday – Planning the two C-in-C’s and Organizer determine battles
Wednesday – Campaign Organizer post all generated battles
Thursday – Players sign up to fight posted battles.
Week 3
Sunday – Deadline for battle reports to be posted on BF Forums
Monday – Strategic Phase (C-in-C’s with Organizer)

The general idea is to allow three weekends to get battles in. The C-in-C’s will be heavily involved on Monday and Tuesday night every third week wrapping up the previous turn’s strategic admin and then working out the battle breakdown for the following turn.

III. Planning Phase.

The two C-in-C’s will meet on-line at the BF Forums with the Organizer at the same time on every third Tuesday to conduct the Planning Phase and moves for the upcoming turn.

The Organizer will start a thread on the BF Forum that includes an updated Campaign map and the number of attacks allowed for that turn (2d6.. with a min # of 4). Maskirovka is effect and the Soviets will have initiative completely for the first turn and a +1 to initiative rolls in turn 2. The C-in-C’s will determine where to place attack arrow back and forth in accordance with the initiative and normal rules for assigning Firestorm troops to the fight. Each time a new attack arrow is placed and Firestorm troops are placed the map will be updated. This process will continue on line until all attacks battles for the turn have be determined. The battles generated will then be posted on BF Forum on next night (Wednesday) for players to sign-up for.

IV. Battle Phase.



Game Piece Historical Campaign Unit Flames of War Unit
107. PanzerBrigade One Panzer Platoon
(Three Panther tanks).
Rated as:
Reluctant Trained
Panzer IV
10. SS-Panzerdivision KG Harmel One SS-Panzer Platoon
(Three Panzer IV H tanks).
Rated as:
Fearless Veteran
KönigsTiger (x2) 506. Schwere Panzerabteilung & KG Hummel Roll of 1 or 2 - Panzer Platoon of three StuG G assault guns. Rated as Confident Trained.
Roll of 3 - Flammpanzer Platoon of five Flammwagen B-2 (f) flame-tanks. Rated as Confident Trained.
Roll of 4 - Schwere Panzer Platoon of one Tiger I E tank. Rated as Confident Veteran.
Roll of 5 or 6 - Schwere Panzer Platoon of one Königstiger (Henschel) tank. Rated as Confident Veteran
Security (x4) KG Henke, KG Dewald, KG Spindler, KG von Tettau Roll of 1 or 2 - Security Platoon of one Command SMG team & six Rifle teams.
Rated as Reluctant Trained.
Roll of 3 or 4 - Grenadier Platoon of one Command SMG team & six Rifle/MG teams.
Rated as Confident Veteran.
Roll of 5 or 6 - SS-Panzergrenadier Platoon of one Command SMG team & six MG teams.
Rated as Fearless Veteran.

8.8cm Gun (x5)

KG Chill, 59ID , 176ID , 719ID & 406ID Roll of 1, 2, 3, or 4 - Heavy Anti-aircraft Gun Platoon of one Command SMG team and
two 8.8cm FlaK36 guns with extra crew. Rated as Reluctant Trained.
Roll of 5 - Tank-hunter Platoon of three Jagdpanzer IV tank-hunters. Rated as Confident Veteran.
Roll of 6 - Heavy Tank-hunter Platoon of two Jagdpanther tank-hunters, Rated as Confident Veteran.
9. SS-KG Spindler & KG Heinke Panzergrenadier One SS-Panzergrenadier
(One Command
Panzerfaust SMG team,
six MG teams, and
four Sd Kfz 251/1
Rated as:
Fearless Veteran.
6. FallschirmjägerRegiment KG Erdman &
7. Fallschirmdivision von der Heydte
One Fallschirmjäger
(One Command
Panzerfaust SMG team,
and nine Rifle/MG teams.
Rated as:
Fearless Veteran.
1st Jagdflieger Sporadic Air Support
(JU87D or FW190F)
Bridge &
Bridge and Airfield Deffence One Anti-aircraft
Gun Platoon
(One Command SMG team,
one 8.8cm FlaK36 gun, and
two 2cm FlaK38 guns).
Rated as:
Reluctant Trained


Terrain. Terrain will be determined by the zone type and setup in accordance with pages 64 to 67 of Firestorm Market Garden.

Mission. Missions will be determined by the campaign organizer. These will be selected as the "best fit" for a given campain situation.

AAR’s. We'd love to have AARs from this campaign created. These can be sent in as a word document with photos insterted. These will be converetd into PDFs and posted on this site.

Signing Up for Battles. When signing up for a battle you are acknowledging that you can muster enough forces to include bonus Firestorm Troops to fight the battle. Your opponent does not need to be actively participating in this campaign though its best if they are.

Unresolved Battles. Any battle that remains unresolved by the 3rd Sunday deadline will be resolved by the Organizer using the rules on pages 45 to 47 of Firestorm.

V. Strategic Planning Phase.

The two C-in-C’s will meet with the Campaign in person or on-line to complete the Strategic Phase.


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